Friday, October 22, 2010

UPEA Acts on ORS GAP Report Concerns

Over the course of the past few months, UPEA staff has been working with the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) employees and management regarding a new productivity measurement. ORS began tracking activity within certain computer programs in July, to measure activity and productivity. The measurement, termed GAP time, was applied to each employee’s job plan to maximize the use of resources to accomplish ORS objectives. As a result of not meeting the GAP measurements, several telecommuting employees were moved back to the office, while others lost their exercise privileges.

Despite 6 months of the ORS administration educating employees of the upcoming changes, with the implementation of the GAP report in July, many ORS employees became very concerned with their performance objectives. Several individuals expressed a lack of knowledge about the changes and altered their work habits in a manner that was not conducive to a comfortable work environment, which created low morale within the agency.

UPEA took the concerns of ORS employees to Department of Human Services Executive Director, Palmer Depaulis. In addition, Association staff member, Kory Cox, spoke to the Director of ORS and held a meeting to bring employee concerns to the table.

On 10/12/10, the GAP report was removed as a component of an employee job plan. While the GAP report will no longer be a performance objective on the annual performance plan, it will still be measured as a monitoring tool to ensure employees remain effective and productive. This news came as a welcome gesture, as it will ease many employee concerns and will allow individuals to concentrate on productive behaviors in the workplace, while not needing to manipulate their jobs in an unhealthy matter.

UPEA advises that ORS employees continue to document time away from their desks, and report mid-day personal leave time to their supervisors. The Association supports creating a positive work environment and believes that the change in measuring GAP time will improve employee morale.

UPEA encourages employees to work toward attaining a positive attitude toward future GAP measurements and other changes that may come as a result of the tough economic times. It is important, especially in this difficult economy and budget year, that state employees create value in their employment, perform their jobs, and become indispensible in their public employment.