Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recommendation: Don't Privatize

The Utah Public Employees Association attended the Executive Appropriations today at 1:00 p.m. at the Utah State Capitol. The Public Consulting Group presented data on the feasibility of privatizing the Forensic Unit at the State Hospital; the privatization of the Woodland building; and privatization of the Transitional Living Center at the Utah State Developmental Center. The study focused on three areas of feasibility: Financial savings, organization and service consequences.

The study results for the USH Forensic Unit found $1.7 million in savings due to reductions in employee total compensation. However, an increase in staff turnover could negativity impact continuity and quality care for patients.

The USDC TLC & Woodland units would save $117,000 in gross savings through privatization. Savings from reductions to employee total compensation would increase staff turnover. However, it would also negatively impact continuity and quality care for patients.

The recommendation from the study is that it may be financially possible to privatize the units for a cost savings, but reductions in employee total compensation can adversely affect continuity and quality care for patients. The recommendation made by Public Consulting Group is that the privatization of the USH Forensic Unit and USDC Semi – secure Units should not be pursued.

Todd Losser
UPEA Representative

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

UPEA Endorses Herbert for Governor

Salt Lake City - The Utah Public Employees’ Association has announced their endorsement for Governor Gary Herbert and Lieutenant Governor, Greg Bell, during a press conference on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

The Utah Public Employees Association (UPEA) is Utah’s largest representative of public employees. Founded in 1959, UPEA has a history of selecting and endorsing political candidates based upon their willingness to work with public employees. Governor Herbert demonstrated this willingness and dedication to public employees during the 2010 Legislative session.

The association typically avoids endorsements based on political affiliation.

Jeff Horrocks, Chairman of the UPEA CAPE Committee, said, “Political affiliation often plays a role in labor politics, but UPEA carefully analyzes candidates’ willingness to meet with employees and address their concerns before offering an endorsement.”

The association’s Citizen Action by Public Employees, or CAPE, Committee voted to endorse Governor Herbert after interviewing both candidates. In addition, CAPE also reviewed the candidates’ running mates for Lieutenant Governor, which made a significant impact on the association’s endorsement.

Horrocks said, “State employees have already benefited from Governor Herbert and Lieutenant Governor Bell’s approach to managing the State’s workforce.”

Horrocks added, “Governor Herbert has given employees fair consideration during the 2010 Legislative Session. The Utah Public Employees’ Association values his experience and his fairness in managing Utah’s workforce.”